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Social Skills Programs

 Peer Buddies

Buddy Groups are for those who are non-verbal or have limited verbal abilities.  Each individual will be paired with an age appropriate partner.   The duo will work closely with a Behavior Consultant who will focus on developing communication through multiple modalities (i.e. picture exchange, sign language, and/or spoken language) and social interaction through fun activities.


 Yoga Time

Yoga Time at Interactive Kids is a fun sensory-based movement program that is adapted for children with a variety of cognitive, physical and social challenges.

  • This group will embed attention, listening skills, turn taking and following directions into yoga time activities weekly.
  • Children’s stories and creative movement games are used to improve strength, coordination, balance, brain/body integration and social skills.
  • Art, imagery and breath techniques are used to reduce stress, improve focus and teach self-calming.


 Preschool Playgroups

The primary focus of our preschool play groups is the development of social and communication skills.  Our program is developed based upon best practices in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA).  Socialization  and communication activities are facilitated within our small group setting using positive behavior supports, natural environment teaching, verbal behavior programming, movement and hands on activities . Turn taking, interacting with peers, developing play skills, cooperating, attending to an activity and building self-esteem are several goals worked on during these sessions. A progress report will be provided to each parent at the end of the 8-week session to provide parents with feedback on how their child progressed during the 8-week period. One parent meeting will be provided during one session so that parents can learn how to facilitate skills across settings. Resources and parent information can be exchanged during that time, if needed.

 Social Skills Groups (Ages 6-12)

A  center-based program in which children are engaged in social learning opportunities and activities to develop turn taking, waiting, sharing, conversing,  attending, discerning non-verbal cues, regulating emotions, and other skills specifically targeted to the group’s participants . Thematic units are integrated into  each week’s lessons. The material taught is adapted to promote socialization and communication skills. Adaptations and prompts are faded as students become familiar with and understand the game concepts, enabling them to play the games in other settings. Practical application of the skills taught are used during games, stories,  art, gross motor activities, cooking, role play, and music.  The material taught is adapted to promote socialization and communication skills. Adaptations and prompts are faded as students become familiar with and understand the game concepts, enabling them to play the games in other settings.  When appropriate, information is provided to parents to help them create successful interactions with their child, eliminate problematic behavior, increase positive behavior as well as promote independence.

 Teenage Social Skills Group (Ages 14-18)

Our teenage group is designed to prepare young adults to manage the pressures of social situations in high school, college, or on the job. This group concentrates on working collaboratively with others on a project. The primary focus includes compromising and negotiating with others, accepting rejected ideas, communicating effectively with others, amongst other skills. Other targeted areas include, but are not limited to conversational skills, eye contact, problem solving, establishing friendships, and anger management. The group will consist of up to 8 teens with an instructor. Goals targeted will depend on the information provided on the application. A progress report will be provided to all parents to assist with providing feedback on their teen’s performance during the 6-week session.

 Teaching Social Skills with Lego© (Ages 6-12)

Kids love Lego, so why not build social skills through something they are passionate about! As an extension of the work of Dr. Daniel Legoff, Ph.D., Lego Social Skills Instruction allows each child to learn new skills within a structured framework.  Through the three person collaborative groupings, or triads,   children with social difficulties will learn skills such as, working together, communicating effectively with others, maintaining eye contact, solving problems, establishing friendships, and managing anger. By identifying with and feeling accepted by a peer group the members build their self-confidence without always recognizing the “work” they’ve put in.  The specific goals targeted for each individual will depend upon the information provided in the application process.

 ADD It Up (Ages 6-12)

This class is designed specifically for children who struggle with social and behavioral challenges associated with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).  This group will focus on activities that stress interaction and cooperation.  Board games, building projects, role-play, and hands on activities will be utilized throughout the session to provide the greatest opportunity for learning appropriate social skills and controlling impulsivity. Areas of focus may include:

  • Getting attention in positive ways
  • Maintaining self control
  • Managing fidgeting and increased energy
  • Completing tasks in a timely manner
  • Attending to an activity / task
  • Waiting for a break in a conversation before speaking
  • Accepting Criticism
  • Turn taking and sharing
  • Waiting
  • Listening skills / following directions
  • Sportsmanship
  • Developing effective organizational skills
  • Anger management
  • Developing and maintaining friendships
  • Avoiding teasing, bragging and criticizing
  • Maintaining personal space